5 thoughts on “Regularly floods in Hardwicke

  1. Totally agree, and getting worse every year, will be worse with more houses if they get built

  2. Sticky lane is named that for a reason as it floods and gets covered in mud and the run off of water from the fields. Part of one of the fields is currently covered in green algae from being waterlogged for so long.It floods regularly in Church lane,Green Lane and Sticky lane and this is before any houses have been built. What do they think will happen when they build all of these houses. I hope that potential home buyers will be able to sue any planning inspectors if they are dumb enough to pass this.

  3. It will be a sad day when the green space left in Hardwicke is gone forever. I’m passionate about our wildlife and I realise people need houses but to destroy the habitat of all the local animals and birds I find hard. The small lanes are choked with traffic now, the pollution will be terrible around our school. They cram too many houses into such a small space and there are no doctors or school spaces left. Bad idea all round.

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