Doctors Surgery

There is currently no doctors surgery in Hardwicke and trying to get an appointment at Rosebank/Severnvale Surgery in Quedgeley or Kingsway takes 6 weeks – which doctors surgery will the new homeowners go to?

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  1. It’s not only doctors, it’s dentist schools secondary and primary. Extra cars in the area the lanes around here won’t cope with the extra traffic. The roads are in desperate need of repair now why not spend the money on repairing the lanes around here and hedgerows

      • The lanes cannot cope, Pound Lane Church Lane and Green Lane flood regularly after a heavy down fall, the ditches aren’t cleared enough, the roads are in a poor state wr will get fobbed off with empty promises as we did with Redrow by the pilot

        • Not to mention sticky lane – As far as I’m aware, because of the communal nature of the green down there, I don’t foresee any road widening as a possibility. 1200+ homes is extraordinary. Even half that would be so disruptive!

  2. To be fair its not just the roads, the pathways are really bad, a trip waiting to happen. Facilities in Hardwicke are dire, primary and secondary school over subscribed, but we need to have a clear strategy for getting this development stopped or reduced, as we will be looked at as nimby’s.

  3. They don’t listen ———- they won’t listen. Stop believing that we live in a democracy.
    They act on orders (policies) that consecutive governments impose once voted in.
    At the moment we have a U.K. government that wants to build 300,000 houses a year for ten years. The policy is to predicate building / favour building. That means it is stacked in favour of the predatory house builders. Councils are targeted on house builds and land availability to build houses. They get financially penalised if they don’t meet these targets, and guess where the councils get that money from?..
    Write to your mp at Stroud …… she has a map I am sure (?)and can find Hardwicke——— whether she gives a toss though is another matter.
    2025 vote them out for another bunch of jokers that can’t find out where we are and what we care about locally.
    That’s the trouble ……. they all think we care about pan global issues before anything else, while our local lives and environment goes down the toilet. Sort home out first …. the rest will follow.
    How can this be an environmentally just development and decision with all the local issues we have.

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