Are Redrow playing fair?

Redrow is allegedly one of the higher quality developers so why have they not allowed any response or provided any information ahead of their Exhibition of their plans ahead of the 25th Nov? Is it to limit the dialogue and comments?

3 thoughts on “Are Redrow playing fair?

  1. 1350 houses and the traffic flow will be straight into the A38 which is already struggling with the current flow of traffic at peak times. A minimum of 2700 people living within it based on a 2 person household, but there will be much more in numbers in reality.
    Public footpaths where we have walked our dog for years, gone!
    Farmers who use the land who will no longer be able to.
    Stretched emergency services will need to provide an additional service to the new residents, they are already at breaking point with our current population on Gloucester.

    Surely there is enough housing in this area with the current extension at Hunts Grove which is still ongoing!

    This needs to be opposed! Interesting how the link isn’t live until then. Please speak up residents of Hardwicke and surrounding areas!

  2. All seems very backhanded to stop the residents objections to this huge development that will add more traffic pollution to the local area. Hardwicke roundabout will not cope with the extra traffic a d the roads are already in disrepair.
    Green lane hasn’t been resurfaced in 2 years due to wildlife issues so how can they even consider building on this area when there is protected animals residing within this conservation area

  3. It’s bizarre that I live so close to the proposed works, and the first I’ve heard of it has been shared from a Facebook post stating that there is to be an exhibition on the 25th.

    Absolutely devastated that the intent from Redrow is to develop one of the few remaining rural areas of Hardwicke.

    I knew something was up when the fields weren’t being drilled with any winter crops. Makes you worry that the works are a done-deal. If there’s anything we can do to protest/be heard, I’m desperate to learn more.

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