Are the roads saturated?

Junction 12 of the M5 is already under total overload at key times during the day. The A38 also suffers badly despite the well needed improvements at the McDonalds Roundabout. How is 1350 more homes going to improve the current saturated road network around Hardwicke, Quedgeley and the surrounding area.

One thought on “Are the roads saturated?

  1. The roundabout since they’ve made changes is worse than it was before and is very dangerous, as most people don’t use the correct lanes. The traffic created by the houses will be insane! It’s already too congested! Something that will get even worse too, will be the queue to Mac Donald’s which more often than not, ends up around the roundabout causing issues. That can’t be improved unless MacDonalds buy more land to extend their car park!

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